Whitsunday Wedding Cakes | A guide to choosing your wedding cake

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Whitsunday Wedding Cakes


Just like your choice of Whitsunday venue, your bridal gown, and your wedding decorations, your wedding cake is a chance to express your personal style and add to the overall theme of your wedding. It will provide an ornamental feature at your reception, a great photo opportunity when you and your new husband cut it and a tasty dessert or after dinner snack for your guests.


When to cut the cake?

There has always been a lot of symbolism associated with the wedding cake but mainly the cutting of the cake. This has become one of the highlights of the day and is done by the bride and groom before distributing it to the guests at the reception to symbolize their union and their promise to forever provide for each other along with happiness, prosperity and fertility. The timing of this act has changed, in days gone by it was done at the end of the evening and for some guests this was the moment they could leave what was usually a long evening. Today however as courtesy, especially to elderly guests, and with costs of photographers to stay and catch the moment, the cake is cut early on during the reception, typically after dinner is over and before the dancing gets in full swing. This also allows for guests to feel its okay to leave earlier without being thought of as rude.


Whitsunday wedding cakes
Lisa Michele Burns


Wedding cake designs and trends

Wedding Cake Designs have changed dramatically. Modern day trends dictate the choices of cake with metallic’s, fondant textures, stencils and sugar flowers meaning an endless choice of designs. Most wedding cakes are matched to the wedding to incorporate the couple’s choice of colours and styles. Skilled cake makers can create show stopping pieces of edible art, and if you have the budget, they can design a bespoke cake specifically for you for a truly custom made piece of edible art. To the modern day cake maker the sky is the limit.

Cake flavours and coverings have changed too, in the old days it was usually a fruit cake covered in marzipan and then icing. In the modern era cakes can be covered in an array of mediums, from the “naked” look, Buttercream, Chocolate Shards, Chocolate Ganache, and the most popular Fondant. The act of covering the cake locks in moisture and keeps the cake fresh enabling the decorator to work their magic on the cake.


What type of cake for my Whitsunday wedding?

Your Whitsunday wedding reception venue will also dictate the type of medium you should choose; some venues do not have air-conditioning, or if you are having an outdoor wedding, choose a cake that does not need constant refrigeration for fear of it melting. With the tropical climates here in the Whitsundays thought has to be put into the type of cake covering especially where it’s hot and humid in the summer months and cool and sometimes wet in the winter months. Fondant cakes are your best bet year round where they can be kept in cool air-conditioned environments (not the refrigerator) until required at the reception venue. Buttercream covered cakes are good from around April to September months as the weather is cooler, they will still need refrigeration until an hour or so before your reception starts so keep this in mind and if you are unsure speak with your chosen venue on how your cake would be stored beforehand. I myself personally, if it’s a mainland wedding, get the cake to your reception an hour before it’s due to start that way I know it will still be looking at its best for your arrival, as humidity can play havoc with sugar flowers and fondant ruffles etc if the cake is left out in the elements too long.


Whitsunday wedding cakes
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So many cake coverings to choose from….

A few of the most common types of frosting: Buttercream is popular because it gives you the most value per slice. This covering is sweet and creamy and smooth making it easy to cut and perfect for complementing a variety of flavours. If you’re leaning towards buttercream, just know it’s made with real butter and will be need to be kept cool. Fondant is a very popular icing for wedding cakes because it’s a really great base for decoration. Made of sugar, corn syrup, gelatine and glycerine it can be rolled into sheets and wrapped around each tier of the cake. It’s extra sleek and hard, again, making it easy to paste flowers or any other additions on top of it. Ganache is a smooth mixture of chocolate and cream and sets up firm. Commonly just dark and white chocolate, however the white chocolate Ganache can be coloured to match. It will need to be kept in a cool environment as well. Chocolate Shards are one of the easiest decorations and adds impressive height to desserts and cakes. Cut to shape and then added onto your cake. Royal icing is often used for decoration. It’s smooth upon application but then hardens later (think latticework, beading, and flowers). It should never be used for covering the entire cake unless glycerine has been added to stop it setting rock hard.

Decorating the cake has come in leaps and bounds; there are so many ideas these days to adorn your cake with. From fresh flowers, wafer paper flowers, sugar flowers and silk flowers to patterns, piping, edible lace, sugar sheets and wafer paper the list is endless. Toppers are also a great way to finish off a cake with that personal touch.


Whitsunday wedding cakes
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What can I expect to pay for my wedding cake?

Pricing a wedding cake can vary dramatically and range from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars, this depends on the skills of the pastry chef hired and how long the details and décor take to make, the simpler the cake the less expensive it will be. Cakes are usually priced on a per-person or per-slice basis as well as the flavour of cake, there is usually a base price and then the “extras” are added. Fruit cakes generally cost more as they have expensive ingredients and take twice as long to bake than say a chocolate mud cake. Again the type of covering on the cake can alter pricing, the more work involved the more the cake will cost, a fruit cake requires a covering of marzipan first and then fondant. Be sure to check with your venue too if they charge Cakeage, this is a charge levied for slicing and serving the cake brought in to the venue from an outside vendor and then served, this is usually charged per head.


Whitsunday wedding cakes
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How to choose your Whitsunday cake maker

A Wedding Cake Maker in high demand can be booked up to 12 months in advance so be sure to book in with them sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment. Usually a deposit will secure your spot and then cake details can be finalised further down the line if need be. If the baker offers consultations appointments and you can get to meet them it’s highly advised you do so, this is when you can ask questions and get to see their set up. Some offer taste testing, this is usually a charged service but some then offer a discount on your wedding cake should you proceed. Check out their portfolio to get a better idea of their skills, it’s easy to show the baker a clipping from a magazine or your cake ideas and they say they can duplicate that, but seeing their work first hand will give you an idea of their skills, stalk their Website, Facebook and Instagram pages too if they have them.


How to decide on what kind of cake you want

Get different ideas; look through books such as Modern Wedding Cakes, or online like Pintrest, and Google. You may be lucky enough to find the exact cake you want or at least ideas that you like, an icing texture from here, or a particular decoration from there. You may be inspired to add some colour from your bridesmaid dresses or your bouquet. The lace or beading on your gown, or a design from your invitations can be piped onto your cake in royal icing.


Whitsunday wedding cakes
Lisa Michele Burns


A few design ideas to get you started…

There are a number of emerging trends in wedding cakes, and here are a few ideas or designs that you might want to consider when choosing your perfect cake.

  1. Simple and understated. Many couples are choosing classic wedding cake designs inspired by bridal gown fabrics, with a subtle all over pattern.
  2. Unusually shaped tiers. Couples are increasingly stepping away from circular and square tiers and choosing octagonal, hexagonal, or flower shapes instead. Stacking different shaped tiers can have a dramatic effect. There is also an increase in couples choosing individual cupcake cakes for their wedding day.
  3. Directly stacked tiers. Contemporary wedding cakes have the tiers stacked one on top of the other rather than being separated by columns or cake boards. Any supports that are used are hidden inside the cake or by fresh/sugared flowers and other decorations.
  4. Coloured icing. As with many aspects of contemporary weddings, colour is creeping in to replace traditional white or ivory icing. Cake makers and decorators are seeing a demand to match the wedding theme and bridesmaids’ dresses.
  5. Tantalising tastes. Many couples are turning away from traditional plain sponge cakes and choosing alternative flavours such as infused mud cakes and fillings.
  6. Simple flowers. Whether they are fresh or sugared, flowers continue to play a role in most wedding cake designs.

I hope this helps you choose the best wedding cake for your big day. Enjoy this mouth watering phase of your wedding.


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