Whitsunday Wedding Insider Tips

Why Bigger, is Often Better!

Ahh, the dreaded question we pose ourselves at the very beginning of our wedding planning, “Do we want a big wedding or a smaller, more casual affair?” The answer to this question will evidently shape your whole wedding. So, an easy question to answer then? NO!! I hear you cry!


7 Tips to Get Your Wedding Entertainment Award Worthy

Every wedding has a soundtrack of its own and music is a powerful way to evoke feelings and set the mood; that’s why choosing the perfect entertainment is so important!


Whitsunday Wedding Styling | Incorporating the destination into your wedding theming

There is no denying that seashells, star fish and aqua are always going to be a hit at a Whitsunday Wedding. Why not try a nontraditional theme such as Nautical or Tropical Glam?


Whitsunday Wedding Videography | Tips for a flawless film

Nervous to be in front of the camera? Afraid you will stuff up your vows? Worried Aunt Mavis will have her iPad in your face during the entire ceremony?! These 6 tips will put your mind at ease and help us create a flawless wedding film.

Whitsunday Wedding Photography

Whitsunday Wedding Photography | How to get the most out of your Whitsunday wedding photo tour

Whether you see yourself barefoot on the most beautiful beach in Australia or leaning elegantly against a giant tropical fig tree….perched on a tractor beside fields of swaying cane or luxuriating in a five-star resort…. here is what you need to know.

Whitsunday Wedding Makeup

Whitsunday Wedding Makeup | How to prepare your skin for wedding day

In this article local makeup artist Lauriely Taylor from Loll Doll Makeup shares with us her insider beauty tips and tells us the steps to take to prepare your skin so it is wedding day ready.


Whitsunday Wedding Planning | So you’re engaged! Now what?

After the emotional rollercoaster of having someone telling you how they want to spend the rest of their life with you, quickly followed by shouting out to the world you said yes, comes the highly anticipated, “when is the wedding?” question.

Whitsunday Wedding Cakes

Whitsunday Wedding Cakes | A guide to choosing your wedding cake

Just like your choice of Whitsunday venue, your bridal gown, and your wedding decorations, your wedding cake is a chance to express your personal style and add to the overall theme of your wedding.

Whitsunday wedding flowers

Whitsunday Wedding Flowers | Creating your perfect bouquet

To choose your Whitsunday wedding flowers you need to know your colour scheme, overall wedding style and have chosen your gown and bridesmaids dresses. This way your florist can offer specific suggestions and recommendations to compliment your wedding theme.

beach weddings hairstyles

Whitsunday Wedding Hair | Top ten beach wedding hairstyles

Planning a beach wedding? You’ll need a hairstyle that can withstand a day in the sun, not to mention that sweet, salty air. Here, we offer you the top ten beach wedding hairstyles perfect for your seaside wedding celebration.